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Daily Clay – Day 5

This is day 5 of my Clay Every Day project!  I’m not real impressed with my results so far – mostly because I’ve not been doing a lot each day (after working and fixing dinner, etc) AND because I’m continuing to work with clay and not doing the finishing work needed to create new pieces. […]

A Day for Clay – Day 4

Thank goodness I didn’t specify HOW MUCH claying I would do every day as part of my Clay Every Day project.  Busy day today, so I carved out a few minutes this evening to make these:   Of course, until we get a  new stove/oven, they won’t be baked.  I never tire of jelly rolls/spirals. […]

Clay Every Day – Day 3

This morning, as I was about to make healthy pancakes for breakfast, my stove died.  It’s been on it’s last leg for quite some time and we’ve been putting off getting a new one for no good reason.  So, not only is no cooking happening here (other than microwaving, crock potting, and grilling), there’s no […]

Another Day, Another Clay

Another favorite technique is mokume gane (prounounced mock-you-may-gone-nay).  It involves stacking layers of contrasting colors of clay,  making impressions in the stack with different shaped objects, then slicing off layers of colorful clay to uncover beautiful patterns.  Here’s my latest attempt.  Again, I haven’t cured any of this yet and it will have an even […]

Clay Every Day – Day 1

As part of my plan to improve my art, I am proposing to Clay Every Day – and to post about it as often as possible.  I got this idea from a book I ran across  365: A Daily Creativity Journal: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life  and was inspired by.   By keeping […]