Sharing tutorials I have tried – Tut 4

2015-06-04 13.37.00Today’s tutorial comes from a site called Lots of DIY.

It’s a pretty flower.  I’m trying to branch out and try new things that I haven’t done before and this is definitely a departure from my normal work.

Click here for the tutorial I am following.  There are no words, just pics, but it’s easy to follow.

All credit for the design of this flower and the tutorial go to, not to me!  I am just showing my results from following this free tutorial which I found (like most of the tutorials) on Pinterest!

I’ve decide to use an orange and yellow pallet (no surprise there!).  I’m using the orange that I mixed up in a tutorial a few days ago and Souffle Canary.  I’m also adding quite a bit of translucent to get a little different look.  Sometimes I add translucent clay to my colors so that when I buff my pieces, they shine up better, but in this case, the flower petals will be too fragile to buff.2015-06-04 12.17.33

Following the pics in the tutorial, we first make a Skinner blend by combining the 2 colors as follows.2015-06-04 12.23.16

2015-06-04 12.26.32

It takes quite a few folds and passes through the pasta machine to get a smooth blend.  I stopped short of making a really smooth blend because for what we are doing here, it won’t matter.2015-06-04 12.28.24

The piece is then passed through the pasta machine the other direction to stretch it out.2015-06-04 12.29.12

Then it’s rolled up into a jellyroll.2015-06-04 12.29.57 2015-06-04 12.30.41 2015-06-04 12.30.45

I’ve reduced a couple pieces of my cane because I think it’s a little too big.  I have enough clay here to make a few flowers.  I’ll make ONE here, and will either make more later or save the cane for another project.2015-06-04 12.34.23

The canes are too soft at this point, so I’ve popped them into the fridge to firm up.  While that’s happening, I’ll make the molds that will give the petals their lines.  It looks like the tutorial uses a styrofoam meat tray for this step, but I don’t have any handy, so I’m going to try just using some clay.  Here’s what I made:2015-06-04 12.01.37

These have been baked and my clay has been firmed up.  On first testing, I see that I have to be really careful to use a release agent when doing the molding or my clay sticks in the lines of my molds.

I’ve made my cane into roughly a petal shape, then cut slices, then pinched each one so that they are not all uniformly shaped.2015-06-04 13.12.152015-06-04 13.14.54

Then I spray them with water (my release agent of choice) and squish each between my 2 molds. I’ve cut a notch at the bottom of each mold so that I can line them up and get the lines going the same direction on both sides of the petal.  I’ll need more than this, but I want to try them before I make more and see if I’ve made them thin enough.2015-06-04 13.17.22

The tricky part is then to bend and shape them into a flower…2015-06-04 13.21.17

I’m having a little trouble getting the edge of the petals to stay up where I put them… they are wanting to droop.  I think when I squish the slices I warm them up.  May have to refrigerate again after I make the petals.2015-06-04 13.24.25

I’m not sure how she made the inside piece on the flower, but I happen to have this handy-dandy little mold that does the trick.2015-06-04 13.29.48 2015-06-04 13.30.18


I added more petals around the bottom, because it didn’t seem full enough.  And here we have my first flower.  It’s not baked yet, but I think it’s pretty!  :)  2015-06-04 13.37.00

In the tutorial, she makes her flower into a ring.  I’ve decided to use mine to decorate a little metal box.  I covered the sides and top in the same colors of yellow and orange, textured them, added some leaves, baked, painted, and buffed and here’s the result! 2015-06-04 16.48.17 2015-06-04 16.48.28 2015-06-04 16.48.41 2015-06-04 16.49.06 2015-06-04 16.49.18

Thanks again to Lots of DIY for the great free tutorial!

All credit for the design of this flower and the tutorial go to, not to me!  I am just showing my results from following this free tutorial which I found (like most of the tutorials) on Pinterest!

More to come in the coming days!  Thanks for reading; comments, likes, and shares appreciated.  :)


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