Sharing tutorials I have tried – Tut 1

In order to ramp up production and to diversify and learn some new things, I’m challenging myself to try some new tutorials in the month of June. Some, I will follow exactly as shown. Others, I’ll put my own spin on – and may end up with something completely different. A few will be ones that I put together myself. Follow me on this adventure, and if the feeling moves you, join in!! I’d love to see your creations. :)

This is long.  Feel free to just look at the pictures! 😀

Today’s tutorial makes my heart go pitter-patter. I LOVE sheets of clay “fabric” and am always looking for ways to use them creatively. I’ve found that once made, because they are thin… they do dry out some and crack when used several weeks down the road. So I’ll try to use them up once made.  Check out the link to the Kalinka Polinka website below to see what the fabric will look like.


The first tutorial I’m trying is in Russian and the Google translation is not great – so I’m mostly using the pictures. I love their color scheme and will be using similar, but not exact colors. My colors: 2015-06-01 09.55.36

Here’s the tutorial on the Kalinka Polinka website!

Please note that it is NOT my intention to “copy” the original tutorial, rather to show MY results from using it. ALL credit for this technique goes to Kalinka Polinka!!!


First, I don’t have any orange clay right now, so I’m using read and yellow to make orange- 1/2 block of Sculpey III Yellow and 1/2 block of Souffle Cherry Pie – and here’s the result:

2015-06-01 09.57.272015-06-01 10.09.562015-06-01 10.10.56

There must be a LOT of red pigment in that Cherry Pie… so I added another 1/2 block of Yellow… still not orangy orange, but I think it’ll look good in my blend.2015-06-01 10.14.01

I then conditioned my yellow and cut semi-equal amounts of the “orange and yellow” and put them together in a Skinner blend. I don’t worry about exactness… it’s just not necessary!

Here’s the Skinner blend I ended up with. You’ll notice that I did get a lotmore of the darker color than the yellow, but again, this was because there was SO MUCH red pigment… I think it’s perfect for what I’m using it for.  photo2 (4)

Next, I need my skinner blend to be long in the other direction, so I fold it and run it through the pasta machine the other way a couple times and end up with this:   
photo1 (3)

Following the next few steps… I like their idea of using purple, dark red and black… so I use my other 1/2 block of Cherry Pie, a full block of Sculpey III Purple, and maybe 1/2 block of Sculpey III Black (not sure exactly how much of this because I’m cutting it off of a 1 lb. block). I’m not sure how much of this I’ll need for the whole project, so I’m making what I hope will be enough.photo3 (4)

This is what I ended up with – I really thought it would be darker with as much black as I added, but I think I like it… and will use it without adding more black. It’s very regal looking!  ADD PICTURE!!photo4 (5)

Following the tutorial, I cut apart my stack and inserted slices of the dark purple.

2015-06-01 11.07.19

I followed the next few steps and ended up with this mess…2015-06-01 11.11.03

I think it will still be OK when I finish reducing and shaping it. Canes always look yucky during reduction.  Fingers crossed. It’s pretty soft… I should probably let it rest… but if you know me, you know I’m too impatient for that.2015-06-01 11.13.49

Hmmm… its a lot wavier than Kalinka Polinka’s… and too long. I can fix the long and skinny… maybe.

Yeah! I think I’m OK with this!! :)  Cane #1 finished:2015-06-01 11.19.56

There are 2 other canes in the finished fabric on this tutorial and I don’t think there are explicit instructions on her site for them… but they look pretty straight forward.

The first is a spiral cane made with a Skinner blend. I am going to use Souffle Sea Glass and Souffle Royalty with a little Souffle Igloo added… like this:2015-06-01 11.32.50

The white will make the SeaGlass a little lighter… we’ll see how works out… just experimenting really. BTW, I make most of my blends the width of my pasta machine. It really simplifies things.2015-06-01 11.39.44

I love this! Now,I’ll use the same method as before lengthen it.. – not too much tho because I only want my spiral to wrap a couple times.

I want to add a layer of dark purple before I roll this, but I think I rolled it too thin! Yuck!2015-06-01 11.42.42

Ok, that’s better. That used a LOT of my dark purple tho, so I may end up needing to make more.  BTW, the pic above and the one below are the same clay… funny how the color looks so different! The actual color looks like the above pic.2015-06-01 11.44.39
Et, voila! This will need to be reduced some… and there’s a lot of it!2015-06-01 11.48.25So now we have 2 of the canes completed. 2015-06-01 11.49.43

One more cane – the flower… this one has a lot of clay “snakes”, so I think I will use my extruder to simplify it.  This is the extruder that I’m using.  I actually have a big fancy electric powered extuder, but I don’t have the disks that I need for this project for it.  I REALLY need to invest in more disks because this would have been SO much easier had I been able to use it!

2015-06-01 12.28.28
I’m going to use Royalty and Sea Glass again for this, plus Premo! Bright Green Pearl. I’m starting with one package of each, but I’m not sure whether that will give me enough. We’ll see.2015-06-01 11.59.52

I wrapped my Royalty with dark purple BEFORE I put it through the extruder to keep from having to do it after when there would be a lot more to wrap! This resulted in a thinner wrap than I could have done after too. Here’s the 8 finished purple logs:2015-06-01 12.35.28

Now I need green logs for the outside, but I’m not sure how many it will take, so I’m going to make a bigger Sea Glass log for the middle and put the Royalty logs around it so that I know what I’ve got so far. My hands are covered in sticky purple clay, so first, off to the washroom to get ready to change colors!2015-06-01 12.43.23

Pro Tip! When I need to remove clay from my hands, I use this awesome hand scrub from my friends at Katers Acres. I substitute coconut oil for the olive oil and use course sea salt.  It gets all the clay off and my hands feel so soft!

I need my Sea Glass log to be the right size for 8 of the purple logs to fit around it. So I’ll make it the same length as those and just experiment with it till I get it right.photo2 (3)

photo3 (3)

Really close… I could make this work, but I think I’ll just reduce the middle a bit and try again.

photo4 (4)
Now I’m happy with it! I could wrap a layer of thedark purple around this, but I’m very low on it and trying to stretch it to last the whole project, so I wont. Instead, I’m just rolling and smoothing the sides. At this point, I wish I had used a little lighter purple for the petals as there’s not much contrast between the Royalty and the dark purple. But, c’est la vie!

photo1 (2)

Now, I need about 16 to 18 smaller green logs to go around this, so I’m using the same technique as before with a smaller extruder disk.

photo3 (2)


photo4 (3)

The original tutorial shows one more ring of petals, but I think I’m happy with it as is.   Here are the canes at this point:



And here’s the pile of scrap!  Unless you are brand new to polymer clay, you know that scrap is never a bad thing… it can be used for a multitude of things.  It never goes to waste!



After some reduction, I now have canes in these sizes:photo8 photo9

Tomorrow, we’ll put cane slices together to make polymer clay “fabric”!



Again, please note that it is NOT my intention to “copy” the original tutorial, rather to show MY results from using it. ALL credit for this technique goes to Kalinka Polinka!!!


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