Monthly Archives: June, 2015

Sharing tutorials I have tried – Tuts 5 & 6

Behind already!  OK, maybe I was a little overambitious to think I could work through a tutorial and post about it EVERY day…  But, nonetheless, we’ll carry on! Today, I worked through 2 tutorials with varying results.  In the interest of time, I’m not going to post all the steps, just the highlights.  PLEASE click […]

Sharing tutorials I have tried – Tut 4

Today’s tutorial comes from a site called Lots of DIY. It’s a pretty flower.  I’m trying to branch out and try new things that I haven’t done before and this is definitely a departure from my normal work. Click here for the tutorial I am following.  There are no words, just pics, but it’s easy […]

Sharing tutorials I have tried – Tut 3

I wanted to do something really different today, so I am trying this video tutorial to make a bracelet.  To go to the video, click this link or see the video at the bottom of the page. Please note that the credit for the design of this item AND the tutorial go to Sweet Willow […]

Sharing tutorials I have tried – Tut 2

Today I am going to make “fabric” from yesterday’s canes.  This is often referred to as polymer clay veneer.  Here are the canes I’m working with.  They have already been reduced some.  I may need to do further reductions – especially if I want to use the fabric on smaller items, like pens. The original […]

Sharing tutorials I have tried – Tut 1

In order to ramp up production and to diversify and learn some new things, I’m challenging myself to try some new tutorials in the month of June. Some, I will follow exactly as shown. Others, I’ll put my own spin on – and may end up with something completely different. A few will be ones that […]