Playing with Clay

Hey y’all!  After posting almost every day for more than a couple weeks, I took the last few days off from posting.  But, I’ve still been Claying Every Day – at least some.  :)  Mostly, I’ve been playing – using some leftover clay – one of my favorite things to do with clay!

I quite often see necklaces that have a hodgepodge of beads that don’t match, but work together.  I decided to see what I could put together from some canes that I have lying around – leftover from other projects.  I made this pendant and the accompanying beads – I plan to make them into a necklace once I overcome my need for symmetry.  (Or, I’ll make another bead in each of the designs….)


The polymer clay bracelets I have made to this point have mostly been crafted from beads.  I’ve been starting to play a little with cuffs and bangles.  Following this tutorial (it’s in Czech, not English, but has great pictures), I put together these bangles from some other canes that I have leftover:


This was my first time using this technique and my results were less than stellar.  The bracelets are too thick and too small for me, but I otherwise love the results and will definitely try it again, armed with what I learned making these the first time.


Still playing with leftover clay, I used a big glob of smooshed together clay to make this pendant:


It’s in the oven now, along with some beads to match:



What I love most about working with polymer clay, is that in this medium, my right brain takes over from my normally dominant left brain and I can actually think abstractly…  a wonderfully freeing experience!

This was just for fun :)


And this is another bracelet in the same style that I made a few days ago – this one is headed to Kentucky tomorrow via USPS!  :)


Did I mention I love to clay??

Till later!

Nee Nee Ree


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