Clay Every Day Project – Day 14

Today is Day #14 of my  Clay Every Day Project!  It hasn’t been easy to find time every day to work on polymer clay projects and some days I didn’t do much, but I am definitely finding that I’m being more productive, finishing more projects than I otherwise would, and learning… always learning.

Yesterday, I crafted and cured several projects and today I polished them.

First, I want to say that THIS is what I love most about polymer clay:


I was about to use my extruder for the next project (below) and I needed to clean it.  I love it that polymer clay doesn’t dry out and it really doesn’t matter much if I clean up right after using my tools, or later.  The 2 beads above were actually made from the gunk that I cleaned out of the extruder!  A happy accident!  :)

I love, love, love using the extruder.  There are several different techniques that I use regularly with extruded clay.  These beads, button, and pendant are made from black and white extruded clay:



Next, I used some of the scrap clay left from this project:

2013-10-03 20.44.52

I added some green pearl clay (the pearl clays rank right up there with the metalics for me!) and made these:


Finally, I polished these beads that I made last week when my stove wasn’t working and made them into a necklace.  I haven’t decided how long I want it to be yet, so I still need to add some sort of closure.  I love the color gradient on this!


I read recently that it takes 10,000 hours of doing something to become amazing at it.  I’m on my way!  :)

Till later!

Nee Nee Ree


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