Monthly Archives: October, 2013

Faux Wood Polymer Clay

Lots of claying lately and not much blogging!  This is one of the things I worked on this evening: I promise I’ll post lots more recent pieces in the next day or two! Till later! Nee Nee Ree

Flower Canes – Success!

Hello world!  My blogging plan got a little sidetracked the last few days with first, a trip out of town and second, a bout of the flu.  Not back to 100% yet, but time to get back on track here. Last night, after vegging in my comfy chair for a couple days not feeling well, […]

Sneak peek – Carnelian agate clay beads!

Here’s a quick peek at what I’m working on now!   More about this later! Nee Nee Ree

Patchwork Polymer Clay Compromise

Hello people of the interwebs!  Today’s project (so far, but I’m about to do a little more claying!) was to make a necklace from the patchwork beads that I created a few days ago. When I made the beads, I only made one of each and then my dominant left brain took over and I […]

Clay Every Day Project – Day 22

They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit (my mother used to always say “they say” and I wondered who “they” were!).  I started my Clay Every Day Project 22 days ago and I have to say, it IS getting to be a habit.    I’ve posted here most, but not all of […]

Playing with Clay

Hey y’all!  After posting almost every day for more than a couple weeks, I took the last few days off from posting.  But, I’ve still been Claying Every Day – at least some.    Mostly, I’ve been playing – using some leftover clay – one of my favorite things to do with clay! I quite […]

Black and White Continued

Clay Every Day – Day #17 Last week, I made this batch of extruded clay:   and yesterday I made it into this!   It’s made using 1mm strands of black leather and black obsidian beads.  It hangs beautifully and the black beads dress it up nicely. And just for fun, here’s a stretchy bracelet […]

In Black and White

I wear LOTS of black.  And I hardly ever make black and white jewelry.  Today I decided I needed to do just that and I knew just what I wanted to make.  I recently found an awesome technique where you layer 3 colors of clay, roll them out really thin, and tear pieces that are […]

Clay Every Day Project – Day 14

Today is Day #14 of my  Clay Every Day Project!  It hasn’t been easy to find time every day to work on polymer clay projects and some days I didn’t do much, but I am definitely finding that I’m being more productive, finishing more projects than I otherwise would, and learning… always learning. Yesterday, I […]

Polymer Clay Necklaces Galore!

Finally.  My new stove came today and the very first thing that went into it was all the clay pieces that I’ve crafted over the last week!  Then, I made these!       I had the day off from work and spent most of the day playing!  Now I have my feet up and […]