Clay Every Day – 1 week in!

This is the 7th day of my Clay Every Day project.  I considered taking a break from claying and blogging every 7th day, but decided that, though there will be days when I won’t get the chance, I won’t do it on a regular schedule.

That said, I actually did not touch any raw clay today – for the first time in a week!  I looked over the componenets that I’ve made this evening and this fall pendant that I made recently spoke to me (not in a weird “hearing voices” kind of way!).  IMG_1149


And here’s what I designed:


I’m enjoying this project – it’s keeping my nose to the grindstone – keeping me creating even when there’s not much time to do so.

We’ve ordered a new stove that should be here in 5 days – so then I can start baking clay again!

Till later!

Nee Nee Ree


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