So Many Half Finished Projects

After having the summer off from my regular job and having plenty of time to craft and make beautiful polymer clay creations, I’ve recently returned to work and my time is at a premium.   The ideas keep flowing, but I’ve found I haven’t been finishing things…   so I have a plethora of unfinished projects.  My goal is to DO SOMETHING with many of these pretty clay creations.

I’ve rounded up some of them:

 2013-09-28 08.57.12

Some of my favorites:

2013-09-28 08.58.25

See?  I told you I’ve been busy!  :)

I also have been neglecting my Etsy stores – I’m needing to renew many items and spruce them up by taking some new pics.

I also have items that I’ve designed, made,  and sold that I would love to have finished copies of for display.

So much clay, so little time!  I’d better get busy!!

Till later!

Nee Nee Ree


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